Real Colors Referral Program

Who is eligible to refer people to the referral program? 
You must be a certified Real Colors or Matrixx System Facilitator to participate in the referral program.

Who can I refer to the program?
The person you refer must work outside of your organization or its affiliates to qualify for product credits. You may only refer one person from an organization. 

How do I receive my product credits for a referral?
The person you refer must attend and complete a Real Colors Certification Training within one year of your referral in order for you to receive product credits. 

How many credits will I receive for my referral?
Referrals to an individual in a non-profit, government, or educational organization qualify to earn $100 in Real Colors product credits. Referrals to an individual in a for-profit entity qualify to earn $250 in Real Colors product credits.

How will I know if my referral qualifies for the program?
Upon completing the Real Colors referral form, you will be notified that your referral has been received, and how much the referral is eligible to earn. If your referral is not eligible for the program, you will be notified at that time.

How will I know if I have product credits from the referral program?
We will notify you when someone you have referred has become a Real Colors Certified Facilitator and you have product credits on file in your account.

How can I use my product credits?
Credits earned through the Real Colors Referral Program must be used within one year, and must be used all at one time. Product credits have no cash value. Please call (800) 535-6366 ext. 5502 if you have questions about how to use your account credits.

To read the full Terms and Conditions of the Real Colors Referral Program, please read Section 23 of the Terms & Conditions.




General Questions

Can I host a Real Colors® workshop at my organization?
Organizations that have more than 15 people to attend a workshop can arrange for NCTI to come to them. Contact us for more information.

Can I deliver Real Colors myself?
To purchase and/or deliver the Real Colors® Personality Instrument, you must be a Real Colors Certified Facilitator. Learn more about becoming a facilitator.
I just took a Real Colors workshop. How can I learn more?
NCTI offers three books to give more information on how to apply Real Colors to all areas of your life, and are available for purchase in our store.  These are The Real Colors® Homeowner’s Guide, Real Parenting, and Real Relationships. Also, you can visit Realcolors.me, where you will find a great deal of information about your color and more!
Can I find a Real Colors facilitator in my area?
NCTI can help. Contact us to find a facilitator near you.
Can I buy a Real Colors Personality Instrument?
Only Real Colors Certified Facilitators are able to purchase the Real Colors Personality Instrument. As this instrument is designed solely for delivery in a workshop setting, we cannot allow uncertified individuals to purchase them.
I have been to a 4 hour Real Colors workshop. Can I print a certificate?
Yes!  Realcolors.me is a website designed just for you. Once you have logged in, you will be able to print a certificate for your 4-hour workshop, or for any of our other advanced workshops. 
"Real Colors truly helps people understand each other's differences and fosters a team atmosphere." ~ Kate Dorner, Marathon Special Products Corporation
"Real Colors has such a positive impact on businesses and organizations that it changed the language of everyone who participates in the program. I am often back by demand to bring it to new employees so they can be a part of the conversation." ~ Terry Feinberg, University of Illinois Extension
"Real Colors has proven to be just the right tool to help our employees become better communicators and to better understand others. It is simple to administer, simple to apply, and simple to utilize on a daily basis." ~ Robyn Cooper, Senior Home Care
"Real Colors is a wonderful tool that helps individuals learn more about themselves and others, and provides a common understanding for working through areas of conflict. The benefits of using this tool are clearly evident and have a lasting impact that you will see participants apply." ~ Patricia Greer, City of Virginia Beach
"Of all the assessments that I am certified or qualified to facilitate, Real Colors has so much more to offer. Its simple approach to identifying temperament with rich, interactive, and experiential team building activities is unsurpassed for capturing the attention and retention of audiences. Real Colors has sticking power like no other assessment I've ever used or seen!" ~ Cindy Coe, InsideOut Discovery
"Real Colors has provided a paradigm shift for our non-profit organization! Since implementing it, communication has improved 200%, which has lead to better team work, understanding, and personal relationships. It's an ongoing training source and our staff love it!" ~ Wanda Walker, Community Action of Minneapolis
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