Real Parenting - Resource Book

Real Parenting - Resource Book

Real Parenting:  Using Real Colors® to Better Understand Your Child, is the third book in a series that Dr. Dan Johnson has written for the National Curriculum and Training Institute®, Inc.  Real Parenting explores the inherent demands of parenting balanced with a child’s needs to explore his/her own innate nature and life experiences.  Dr. Johnson emphasizes that in parenting you are dealing with someone---a child--- beyond yourself, beyond your own dreams, and beyond your own needs.  He describes parenting as “more of an art than a science.”   Real Parenting will assist you, as a parent, in learning how to ask questions of, observe and listen to children through the child’s color lens.  It will help you learn how to broaden your child’s abilities to operate in his/her own dominant color as well as his/her less dominant colors.  The book will also support you in enhancing your child’s natural strengths rather than dwelling on his/her liabilities.  You will learn that your child needs to be allowed to become whoever he/she is and not who you wish he/she would be.  You will learn to truly value the differences a child and his/her color rainbow brings to you and your family.

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