Real Applications Facilitator Guide - New!

Real Applications Facilitator Guide - New!

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This new edition of Real Applications takes the concepts found in the original book (2015 edition), enhances them with new activities and facilitator instructions, and adds brand new content to help your organization apply Real Colors in exciting new ways.

Participants will look at how a person’s second color affects their overall personality style, how Real Colors concepts help each team member connect with your organization’s mission, and how Real Colors offers a framework to navigate difficult conversations.

Real Applications now contains even more activities, resource materials, and new content relating to Customer Service.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Apply Real Colors concepts in future communication.
  2. Examine how people with different temperaments listen, understand and respond to verbal communication.
  3. Look at how your secondary color influences your overall personality style.
  4. Discover approaches that match your personal temperament strengths to further your organization’s mission and values.
  5. Begin using Real Colors to successfully navigate difficult conversations.

Learn more about what is new and updated in this curriculum.

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